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New Year, New You Group Coaching Program - Black Friday Sale!

Happy Holidays Everyone! We are having a Black Friday Sale on our 8 week Group Coaching Program called, “New Year, New You!”

This program will start on January 13, 2024 all members of our group are entitled to the exclusive early bird Black Friday and Cyber Monday rate of $139 per month.

Participants will get a workbook and learn

the following:

▪️How to identify issues that are stopping you from living out your purpose!

▪️Strategies to overcome any blockages that are stopping you from making the appropriate changes in your life that will lead you to achieving short term and long term goals

  1. How to pray effectively to overcome this.

  2. The best scriptures to meditate on, affirm and declare

  3. Effective Journaling Techniques

▪️ Creation of new goals and a strategic plan for your future

▪️Discussion of progress on those goals and strategic plans via optional 1:1 coaching (this is a $50 per hour add on but you can wait to purchase this)

After successful completion and implementation of the strategies discussed during this 8 week program many of you should be able to:

▪️Have mental clarity and strength

▪️Keep away from barriers ti change

▪️Gain godly self confidence

▪️Confidently achieve personal, relationship, professional, and business goals.

▪️Live the abundant and victorious life that God wants you to live!

If you are interested please click the link below and join our group. All payments are due on 11/27/2023.

You will then be billed the same rate again in February. You do not want to miss the sale and the amazing value that this program will add to your life!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Thank you and have a blessed holiday season!

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