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Certified Christian Life Coaching Testimonials

Shannon, Christian Life Coach

My first session provided such Holy Spirit confirmation & biblical revelation! Post-session I received an amazing, detailed plan that was in alignment with our conversation & a clear path for the way ahead. My next session provided clarity & a strategy for the questions I had. A coach needs a coach! I have found a God-fearing/Spirit led coach that God knows I need for where He is taking me. I am looking forward to implementing my plan & to our future sessions. Highly recommend!


Kristy, Homemaker

She helps put life trauma in biblical perspective. I was looking for a counselor but from a biblical standpoint. She’s soft spoken, takes her time listening and taking notes to prepare your life plan. 


Jennifer, Health Administrator

There is no one better at what she does. She is one of the most dedicated professionals that I have ever worked with. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to lend support. Once you decide what your goals are, she gets to work. She also has exceptional expertise in job coaching. She helped me find the job of my dreams and helped me strategize, focus, and go for what I wanted. I can not stress enough to everyone how conscientious she is. She puts into consideration the type of person you are and communicates with you in a way that works best for you. It also means that she is very compassionate and sensitive to where you are at the moment of time that you are seeking her services. I highly recommend Vera and I plan to work with her again in the very near future! Thank you. 

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