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Certified Christian Life Coaching and Its Benefits

As a Board Certified Christian Life Coach and Board Certified Christian Master Mental Health Coach I get asked about the benefits of Christian Life Coaching all the time so I decided to write about it.

First and formost, A Christian life coach isone who helps and encourages his/her client who are dealing with a faith-based, personal, relationship and/or or professional challenges using a faith-based perspective. In addition, we always integrate Biblical principles, draw from Scripture, enourage holiness and prayer and even pray with the client or clients.

Some of the benefits of Christian life coaching for our clients include:

  1. Finding God’s vision and purpose for their life and or marriage

  2. Increased motivation towards achieving your goals

  3. Enhanced time management and organizational skills

  4. Increased belief, faith and trust in God

  5. Increase in Godly confidencec character and identity

At Redeemed Christian Lifestyle, we focus on helping Christian; Ministers, Life Coaches, Doctors, Nurses, PAs, Lawyers, Accountants, Business owners, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, VPs, Directors, managers, individual contributors, and professionals with their spiritual needs (burn out, anxiety, stress, depression, singleness, lonliness, diversity issues, work life balance, career change, fear etc).

We work with clients on goal setting and create strategic plans for them to overcome their obstacles that stopping them from meeting pr exceeding their goals. In addition, we tweak the plans as we meet on a weekly basis, leading them to improve their lives through lasting change.

We also work with Christians who have successfully finished therapy or counseling for anxiety, depression, confidence, diversity, eating disorders, etc. and want to focus on taking their lives to the next level.

Feel free to give us a call at (713) 396-0954 or click the link below to learn more about this:

You can also check out our latest video for more information on this (Yes even though Mental Health Awareness month is over we still have spots availae and we will be offering the same sale prices for all monthly packages 😉):

God bless you!

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